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Get Involved

Join the Movement!

Speak at a Consortium

Share your expertise and insights as a keynote speaker at one of our state-wide consortiums. Your wealth of knowledge will undoubtedly enrich our discussions and inspire students on their journey into the medical field.

Host Shadowing Opportunities

Provide opportunity for students to shadow you in your daily practice. This invaluable opportunity will provide our aspiring healthcare professionals with firsthand experience and insight into the realities of behavioral health careers, medical practice, and shaping their future careers.

Invite Students to Live Workshops

Your event will enrich their learning experience, providing valuable insights and practical skills to aid them in their academic and professional journeys.

Join a Wilderness Medicine Hike

Join us for an invigorating Wilderness Medicine Hike amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Colorado, led by a seasoned herbalist doctor wilderness medicine trained emergency medicine physician. Discover the healing properties of our local flora as we traverse the picturesque trails of this scenic region.

Attend a Blue Coat Ceremony

Attend our Blue Coat Ceremony, where we will honor and celebrate the outstanding achievements of our students who have successfully completed the program The Hummingbird Initiative boot camp. Your presence at this momentous occasion will undoubtedly uplift and inspire these accomplished individuals as they embark on their next chapter.

Educate and Mentor Our Students

Your knowledge and guidance will undoubtedly enrich their academic experience and contribute to their growth and development.

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