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Enrollment Criteria

The Hummingbird Initiative serves high school students, in Colorado, interested in starting their careers in behavioral health and healthcare fields. There is no minimum GPA required. 


Enrollment Process

The Hummingbird Initiative is housed in school sites and the school counselors help students get this course onto their school schedules.

Step 1

Student meets with school counselor (the one that handles student schedules) to see if The Hummingbird Initiative will fit into their schedules for the following school year

Step 2

The student's counselor will connect interested students with the site's Hummingbird Initiative program manager

Step 3

 Student completes The Hummingbird Initiative application

Step 4

Student participates in The Hummingbird Initiative interview

Step 5

Student is notified of their acceptance or denial into the program

Step 6

The school's HBI Program Manager notifies the school counselor of applicants that are accepted into the program

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